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An Unforgettable Trip To Paris

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Paris was the first city they visited after He asked her to marry him; they were deeply in love.

Together, they love travel and adventure so it was no surprise that she had planned this 3-day trip at least a month before she and her beau got engaged. As It is known as the city of love, Paris was the perfect destination for the occasion.

It began with a 45 minute flight from London to Charles de Gaulle.

Going against the idea of a private transfer from the airport to the hotel, She insisted on a train ride to begin their adventure as Parisians. They had packed light and she convinced him they would enjoy the scenic experience of public transport.

It was his first time in Paris so, he agreed.

Wisely done, she had selected a beautiful hotel in the centre of the city, across from Gare-de-Lyon, a train stop on the north bank of river Seine; in the east of Paris.

Their plan on the first night was to celebrate their engagement with dinner on a boat, cruising on Seine. To their dismay, there was severe obstruction, causing their cab to arrive later, resulting to their dinner boat leaving them behind.

What a bummer!

Instead, they used the opportunity to change the cause of the evening by requesting that the chauffeur re-route while they enjoyed the lovely views of part of the city at night. It was breathtaking. They retired the night at their hotel’s rooftop bar.

The monumental gothic cathedral
Norte-Dame de Paris

Day two, was set for sight-seeing. She was organised. She noted that within a 25-minute walk was Notre-Dame de Paris which was not very far from Musee du Louvre and subsequently Tour d’Eiffel.

It was a rainy day, but with their umbrella and the map in hand, they began their walk starting with a stroll along the spectacular Seine river, missing a few turns, getting back on track, not failing to notice the deserted scooters, the cafe culture and architecture and finally arriving at the Gothic Norte-Dame cathedral, monumental.

Using Pont Des Arts, the famous love lock bridge in Paris, they headed for Musee du Louvre. So in love, walking hand-in-hand, with their fingers interlocked and their palms together, they share a kiss to to communicate their love for sharing these moments together.

Frequently referring to the map, they did not miss The Conciergerie, Pont Neuf and sharing a good old Warm French crepe.

Musée du Louvre was iconic. From it grounds, to the beautiful architecture all around; making up the museum, to its history. The art within its walls were absolutely marvellous. From the ceilings, to the carefully sculpted statues to the paintings; incredible.

They did not leave without souvenirs.

Musée du Louvre

Finally it was time to see Tour d’Eiffel, the final main attraction for the day. On the way was Musée d’Orsay, Vendome Square where the ministry of Justice is established as well as Avenue des Champs Elysees.

They were famished! But alas, they had arrived at Tour d’Eiffel, Magnificent.

It was one of the most beautiful things to see at night.

Tour d’Eiffel

Retiring the excursion was with dinner in a quaint restaurant showcasing the french cuisine starting with a variety of bread pieces, accompanied with a lovely bottle of Merlot with satisfying comfort food.

Walking back, without the help of the map, they finally felt like locals of Paris.

This time walking arm in arm, they strolled through the city’s narrow streets, listening to music from the various bars crossing over, admiring the night life, observing the interactions and reminiscing on their productive day, and then it struck them!

This day had been an example of how they rest of their lives would be like. They will start with a stroll with a few to many wrong turns in between many monumental destinations. It will be uncertain at times, exciting most times and they will have to cherish the moments that warm their hearts. No matter the obstructions, they should stay hand in hand while referring to the Word, because everything will calm down and it will be completely peaceful where all the effort and good times shared together will be what they take home.

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Unknown member
Nov 10, 2020

Great Story, Loved It!

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