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Woman Of Substance

She is Beautiful, She is strong, both mentally and physically,

She is hardworking—a woman is undeniably all these things and so much more. 

A woman of substance understands her worth and will not be taken for granted. 

She cares about her body enough to nurture it by feeding it well and staying active. She invests in herself. 

She wants to do good in this world. 

She is vulnerable. Not afraid to confront her fears, failures and concerns and leaning on the people she trusts to face them, she puts herself out there.

She demands respect. 

She is introspective, looking within and being honest about what she sees, what she needs, what has to be improved and what needs to be snipped.

She reaches out to help others when she is equipped to-

And she does not conform to society’s standard of a woman because she knows she is far more than meets the eye. 

feeling of freedom


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