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Elevate your thanksgiving experience with these hits from Pottery Barn

The event of Thanksgiving is still quite new to me, having grown up in England. But after two experiences, I've realized it's just like Christmas, but in autumn, minus the exchange of gifts. You know what I mean.

What makes this event even more special is the gathering of family and friends who bond over the things they are grateful for amidst all the merriment.

table setting

Now, whether you're a seasoned pro at hosting Thanksgiving gatherings or gearing up for your first attempt, a little help from Pottery Barn can go a long way in making your holiday celebration unforgettable. After all, a well-prepared table is the heart of the Thanksgiving experience, and I am happy to share some delightful essentials to ensure your dining space is ready to shine.

1) Thanksgiving Turkey Platter:

Let's start with the star of the show - the turkey. The perfect turkey platter not only adds a touch of elegance to your table but also provides ample space to display your succulent roast.

Turkey Platter

Turkey cloth, turkey platter cover

2) Stylish Glassware and Drink Dispensers:

To complement your Thanksgiving meal, invest in stylish glassware and a drink dispenser.

glass drink dispenser

white wine glass

Party bucket
holds 6 champagne bottles comfortably

3) Serving Bowls:

Your food items are going to need a display and the perfect serving bowl could just be the appetizer!

stone serving bowl

Scalloped stoneware serving bowl

4) Utensils and Serving Pieces:

Don't forget the tools that make serving a breeze. They're not just functional; they're beautiful additions to your table.

A set of serving utensils

5) Linens:

Your choice of linens will add the final touch to your table top and bring everything together. The relaxed look of these frayed edged linen brings a casual elegance to the show.

frayed edge table linens

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