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From Attorney to Influencer: the Journey of Kameron Monet

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Adaaba is also where women share their stories, aiming to empower and inspire other women. We strive to represent the diverse facets of womanhood, encouraging each other to dream big and supporting one another to achieve our goals. Our space highlights women who challenge the status quo and embrace their authentic selves, through a feature we call APOGEE. Today, we are thrilled to introduce KAMERON MONET, a woman who embodies our values and is making waves in her industry.

Kameron Monet is a multifaceted professional who has found success in the legal field, content creation, and influencer marketing. Her journey began after law school when she joined a law firm as an Associate Attorney in employment litigation. However, she also had a passion for beauty, fashion, and women empowerment that she shared with her social media followers. Today, she has over 150,000 followers across her social media platforms, @kameronmonet.

Kameron has collaborated with various brands such as Dove, McDonalds, and Ulta Beauty through influencer marketing, and realized that she could use her legal expertise to educate creators about the power of contracts in the influencer marketing industry. She also wanted to help aspiring “Lawyer Influencers,” through her consulting firm, The Legal Tea™.

In 2020, she quit her 9-to-5 law firm job and founded The Legal Tea. She describes her current situation as living the best of both worlds, where she gets to do what she loves every single day, inspiring, motivating, and challenging others to work hard in style while prioritizing self-care.

Kameron loves the flexibility that comes with being a full-time entrepreneur, allowing her to cultivate a business and personal life that she is proud of and loves.

She believes in the quote, “What’s for you, is for you,” and advises women who want to make their dream a career or reality to focus on their own journey and not compare themselves to others.

One of the biggest challenges for Kameron has been transitioning and pivoting in her legal profession and the social media industry. She admits that it can be difficult not to fall into the comparison trap or suffer from imposter syndrome. However, she has learned that she has always gotten the opportunities that are perfect for her and believes that no one can take what God has planned for her life. She also loves supporting others on their unique career journeys and emphasizes that what is meant for her will always be for her.

A fun day in Kameron’s life would start with one of her favorite hobbies, a workout class, followed by brunch with friends, taking cute photos and having lots of laughter. She even films day in the life style videos on her YouTube channel "Kameron Monet" so that her followers can get a glimpse of her life.

Kameron’s advice to women who want to make their dream a career or reality is to remember three things. First, it always seems impossible until it’s done. She reminds herself not to compare her day 1 to someone else’s day 27 and that everyone has to start somewhere. If you would’ve asked me on October 6, 2014 after uploading my first YouTube video if I’d make money from it, let alone build an entire career from it, I would’ve said “that’s impossible.” Today my response: “it’s beyond possible.”

Second, rest is a weapon, and a rested mind and body will reap more benefits than a tired one. Lastly, “This too shall pass.”Whenever I’d get upset about a grade or lost footage from an entire YouTube video, or stressed during law school exams, or frustrated with a case at work, my mom would remind me. Life is constantly changing and evolving, but we can control how we respond to these changes.

In summary, Kameron Monet is a successful attorney, content creator, and influencer marketing consultant who has found a way to combine her legal expertise with her passion for beauty, fashion, and women empowerment. She has built an engaging social media following and advises women to focus on their own journey, reminding them that what’s for them will always be for them. Her advice to those who want to make their dream a career or reality is to remember that anything is possible, rest is crucial, and this too shall pass.

Connect with Kameron on Instagram & Youtube, and check out The Legal Tea™.

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