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How To Enjoy Valentine's Day Single

With February being marked the month of love, it’s inevitable for us to be surrounded by romance, love and passion. For some people that means being showered with love by our significant other and for others who don’t have that special someone, it means just another day.

However, somehow being single on Valentine’s Day stings more than being single on any other day. So what do you do on a day where lovers seems to have taken control of the holiday? If you’ve caught yourself looking up ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day single or things to do on Valentine’s Day while single, welcome, because today doesn’t have to be a day where you hate the fact that you’re alone or the day you text your favorite ex any cliche eye, water or eggplant emoji. Today is going to be just for you.

woman holding a vase of 100 roses and a glass of champagne

5 things you can do if you’re single on Valentine’s Day,

  1. Personal Spa Day

When was the last time you took yourself to a wellness spa and got yourself pampered? A spa day is a perfect way to spend valentine’s day single, you can research your local wellness spa and get the complete package to treat yourself, deep tissue massage, face mask or full facial, even a mani pedi. Imagine how relaxed you’ll feel.

2. Create A Vision Board

Sometimes when we obsess over the fact that we don’t have someone we lose focus on current goals and aspirations. Run to your nearest store, grab some wine, magazine, pictures, quotes, scissors, glue and a board. Use the time to reflect on what you want out of life, be honest, vulnerable and transparent when creating.

3. Solo Date

You may have read that and thought to yourself, a date with myself, on Valentine’s Day? Yes! Pick a place you can enjoy yourself and your company. You are not limited to taking yourself out to a restaurant or bar, you have the opportunity to go to places like a wine tasting, a candle making class, a museum or even a picnic just for you. The options are endless.

4. Day Trip

This idea requires you to be a bit more adventurous but it’s still an amazing opportunity to have fun. This day trip can either be solo or a trip with friends to a different city within your state no more than a 2 hour drive where you can explore and be tourists. Do research and find a city that’s fun, safe and different.

5. Movie Marathon

If you’re a homebody who just wants to stay home and enjoy the day then a movie marathon is the best thing for you. Grab your favorite snacks, open up your go to streaming service, make a list of all your favorite movies and a few new ones that pique your interest and enjoy your day laughing, crying or on the edge of your seat.

Single or not, I hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day this year.

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