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New Year, New Energy | Romper Blazer

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

This year I am harnessing all my creative hunches.

Towards the end of last year, I gathered the courage to put myself out there more by launching this blog, uploading random vlogs and videos on my YouTube channel and sharing a bit more of myself on Instagram too.

I noticed that being consistent at this has helped me develop a lot more confidence in this space. This blog has been a great space for me to share my thoughts and style honestly without fear of judgement and offer words of encouragement to whoever might need it.

New energy, because I am very determined to reach so many more people this year through my Lifestyle and comfort them with my words as guided by the Holy Spirit.

New energy, because I have accepted that this is a vehicle to where I ultimately envision myself.

New energy, because I refuse to allow the pandemic to let another year flash by, right before my eyes.

New energy because it feels like a fresh start. A do over with the benefit of having pointers in a new direction, derived from learning curves from the previous year.

I am praying that you feel the energy while reading this, and feel empowered to pick up where you left off, and push through this new year harder than you ever have.

Lots of love


Efuwa Tomety

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