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Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Damaged, broken, hurt

She couldn’t or wouldn’t really possibly get it

Grace and Humility exudes in her presence

Shifting, shifting thoughts

Making me feel inspired

Motivated to do more

Grace and Humility

Admiration of what she had become

Can I, can I be seen that way?

She speaks with poise in her tone

Yet, I hear what she is saying

Listening too, listening too

My sister understands

She has also been through storms

Our paths have crossed to mend

Alone We are not to be

My sister understands

Grace and Humility

Admiration of what she has become

We can, we can help each other

As we take this journey together

Leaning on each other

Stronger, joyful, loved

For no one can judge

Situations are unavoidable with unpredictable outcomes

What takes a process to reach ones goal

The Whoas of the world and the Woe’s of the world

Are a battle to be fought we have won with Christ

In whom lives in you and me

Hand and hand we can and will be victorious

Jealousy and envy put to rest

We see each other’s pain

Her story is also My story

A journey we took together

Leaning on each other

Stronger,joyful, loved

For no one but GOD can judge.

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