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These coats will get you hyped about winter

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

We’re a few weeks into October and the only thing scarier happening this month (other than Halloween) is the drop in temperature and cold spells that follow. Naturally, the search for the best and warmest winter coat has been added to your to-do list; an item which will be the very core of your cold-weather wardrobe for the next few years to a lifetime. Shopping for something which is the most practical, versatile and suitable for your wardrobe can feel like a daunting task. However, we’ve narrowed down this season’s best outerwear options at all price points to get you leading with your most fashionable foot forward.


Whomever said the statement ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ must have been referring these coats because they’re always in-style and a reliable option.

The Teddy

The Trench


Say hello to the oversized coat’s Big Sister! It’s true, the Puffer is easily the most common winter coat of choice, for fashion lovers and everyday people, alike! Their padding and insulation are geared toward the harsh winter elements and make you feel like you’re walking in a sleeping bag (win, win!) With a nod to the minimalist 90s being our current fashion climate, this is truly a style that encompasses many trends into one!

1. Rains Puffer

2. H&M Puffer


If you’ve noticed that the clothes you’ve been trying-on have been feeling a few sizes too big this year, you’re not wrong. The oversize trend is still around and we’re loving it in the form of winter coats! An oversized style provides a nonchalant tone with its relaxed silhouette and spaciousness, but also with excellent tailoring that brings an element of surprise that seems unique and of the times. Think of The Olsen’s twins fashion house, ‘The Row’ or Balenciaga for some inspo with this trending style.

1. Glassworks London

2. Isabel Marant, Etoile


To be honest, we weren’t aware Leather Jackets ever went out of style! Worn over wool-knit sweaters or even a dress - their versatility and cool factor is unmatched and timeless, in our opinion. Oversized, cropped, bright and adorned styles are coming through in the latest collections.

1. Cos Leather Trench

2. All Saints Leather Biker Jacket

We hope this list provided some insight on what is current this season and made your search for the best coat for your wardrobe, easier than it was moments ago! Happy Shopping!

All products on this page have been selected by our editorial team, however we may make commission on some products.

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Oct 15, 2022

Loved reading this!

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