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7 hacks to stress free travel

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Since the pandemic slowed us down from travelling, now when I do travel, It feels like I’ve forgotten some travel basics.

After checking into my hotel on arrival to Florida, I kicked of my shoes, sat at the edge of the bed and thought, just by giving thought to these simple steps, I could’ve made the travel experience more enjoyable and relaxing for myself.

Allow me to jog your memory as we begin travelling around the world again with 7 things to improve your travel experience.

1. What you wear really matters

Because you will get patted down more thoroughly. In the past I have had my Afro and braids searched at security (lol). In this case I wore a beautiful flamboyant dress. It had long puffy sleeves and big buttons running all the way down the front. I mean it looked like I could hide a lot in what I was wearing.

The designated woman to pat me down was very polite as she asked to pat me down uncomfortably. I think this went further than I thought it would because she had me open my legs for my crotch area to be patted down too. So, uncomfortable.

Wear something comfortable and not complicated and factor in the security checkpoint. I prefer dresses because it allows me to move freely especially with I need to use the loo.

2. Wear socks or carry them with you

Still at the security check, we dress up and we forget that we have to take off our shoes and boots at this point. Not wearing sock means you’ll end up walking in the airport bare foot which is very unpleasant.

3. Don’t forget about the weight of your bag

When travelling domestically, we tend not to put the same effort in making sure our bags aren’t overweight or to whether the items we are putting in our hand luggages are acceptable.

My flight ticket was kindly taken care of by someone else who had informed me that the ticket included a checked luggage. At the airport, I ended up with a packed a suitcase with the option of either paying $130 for it’s weight or splitting the items of the suitcase into two.

Which option do you think I went for?

4. Budget for airport expense

The process of getting to the airport, checking in and then going through security can be so tasking that you are guaranteed to be hungry or at least thirsty while you sit and wait to board your plane. This always seems to be the perfect time for the smell of pastries and coffees and other food nearby to come lingering, or we see a souvenir shop with a lot of food and drink options and then we find ourselves toying with whether to wait to eat on the plane (if food is being served) or to enjoy a freshly baked pastry or even a cup of tea.

I had already spent on my luggage and now, on a medium hot chocolate and bagel. This was not something I factored into my expenses for this trip.

Budget for any expenses at the airport and if you happen not to need it, that’ll be more pocket money for you.

5. Enjoy the experience

Travelling by air is expensive and a luxury so why not enjoy the experience it brings to add to a great start or end to your holiday?

That means:

Leavin home early to allow plenty of time and to avoid rushing

Have an airport budget to avoid unexpected expense.

Buy yourself breakfast or dinner while you wait to board.

These steps will improve your travel experience dramatically.

6. Buy travel size toiletries

I mentioned the weight of my bag earlier. This was because I figured I’d take advantage of having a checked bag by finally packing full size toiletries. Most of the weight came from this.

If going on a weekend trip I recommend travel size toiletries. If you are gone longer, I will advise that you buy your toiletries on arrival at your destination to avoid carrying the weight.

7. Always opt to check in your bag

This option makes your journey very easy and seamless. Take every opportunity to check-in your bag because you can move around freely. Use the toilets freely and most of all, not worry about getting space in the overhead bin or trying to get it down at your destination. Unless it is a back pack and/or time is running against you, check it in. It will add to making your travel experience much more enjoyable and most of all, stress free!

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