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A Page From My Journal Ep1- Time & Patience

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Photographs by Makafui

Directed by Efuwa Tomety

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11th September

A Journey of Time, Patience and God

I wanted the road map to becoming who I wanted to be and I am always doing the most to obtain the knowledge required.

I have notes and pages of an elaborate step by step guide ready to apply in hopes that it will get me to my end goal faster.

I put all of these into action with a plan in place but I forget one thing. That the path to applying each and every new thing I have learnt is a process. It takes time.

I fooled myself into thinking I could reach my imagined goal in the same time I acquired all the knowledge for this huge plan I had for myself.

I had fooled myself into thinking theories are literal to practicals in the laws of physics

What I should’ve known is that for every one knowledge acquired, a life lesson is involved. That is the only way I can properly learn from and understand the knowledge I have acquired to move on to the next step. (thinking of each step as a building block)

I understand now, that if this is what I’m supposed to do, then it is a life long journey. A process.

A journey that is going to keep unfolding, full of surprises until God calls me home and I am now beginning to understand it will require a lot of time and patience and God.

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