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Mistakes and Judgements | Yellow Layers

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Being judgemental, is getting a kick out of making negative moral assessments of other people. It's finding satisfaction in seeing others fail because it shows you are better than they are. (

As I have matured, I have discovered more reasons to discourage the judging of others.

I have been in situations where I made mistakes that were out of character for me. Situations where I could have used a lack of judgment. Mistakes that cost me great friendships (or maybe not? Who knows what God's plan is?). However, that was a long time ago, and I am no longer that person.

When I reflect on that time and my journey to recovery, it reminds me never to judge another person based on their mistakes. Mistakes can hurt people, but the truth is, everyone will hurt another person as long as they are growing and finding themselves in this thing called life.

Some of these mistakes may hurt your loved ones quite badly, while others may only affect you. The mistakes that we tend to learn from are the ones that cost us.

Paying that price brings wisdom, and everyone will pay that price.

Because of the level of detail in our lives, and because each and every one of us is living a life of purpose, mistakes can take various forms. That is why I cannot bring myself to judge the mistakes of another person. I hope and pray that they eventually wake up, realize it, own up, and learn from it, just as I did.

After reading this, I hope you begin you extend the same grace you expect for yourself. Do not jump into that conclusion until you have first taken your time to understand the circumstances and the context of the situation.

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