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A Week's Worth of Kind Gestures

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

As much as we believe ourselves to be kind people, the fact is, most of the time it can be out of convenience. To be truly kind is to go the extra mile, which means we may need to be intentional about being kind to the people that cross our path. Today, we are sharing practical ways to show kindness at work, at home, in our relationships and to ouselves. notes that the more you do for others, the more you do for yourself. Keep this in mind, as you have a fantastic week ahead!

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Work: Intentionally pack an extra snack to share with a colleague.

Home: If you live with others, offer to pick up something from the store on your way home this week.

Relationships: Send your partner lunch to either their home or their office.

Self: Listen to a TED talk on a topic you've been curious about for a while.


Work: Assist a coworker with a task they are having trouble with.

Home: Help those you live with by carrying out a chore they've been putting off for a while.

Relationships: Call your partner's family to say hello.

Self: Call or text a teacher who significantly impacted you growing up.


Work: Start/ offer to host the office happy hour for the week.

Home: Take a bottle of wine to your neighbor.

Relationships: Plan a surprise date night.

Self: Word dump in your journal. Allow yourself to write without bias or judgment.


Work: Share insightful resources with your coworkers.

Home: Give something to the security guards or grounds staff where you live.

Relationships: Help your partner run an errand they have been putting off.

Self: Bring some life to your wardrobe by trying out new outfit combinations.


Work: Start an office welfare program for staff birthdays, births, deaths, and weddings.

Home: Offer your expertise to your community members. If you're very handy or a lawyer, let those around you know you're willing to help if they need it.

Relationships: Learn a new skill that applies to your relationship, for example, listening and conflict resolution. You can start by taking a brief online class on

Self: Visualize your ideal life, and reach out to people who can help you achieve this. You could try reaching out to mentors, friends, recruiters, or family. The idea is to gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision.


Work: Send a helpful resource to your manager or coworkers.

Home: Cater to your family for the evening. You could offer to cook or watch a family-oriented movie if that's how you feel.

Relationships: Share a book or movie that you found insightful. Discuss this with your partner.

Self: Spend some alone time. You don't have to do anything during this time.


Work: Give your team a pep talk for the week ahead.

Home: Pack lunches for your family for the week ahead.

Relationships: Write an encouraging note for the week ahead.

Self: Write a bucket list; what can you cross off your list this week?

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