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Favourite fashion brand of 2020

Updated: Apr 6, 2023



Xyla skirt and Gaia top

The award has to go to Kai Collective.

I recently carried a series on Instagram with the hashtag #myseasonsofkai where I shared my entire collection from Kai collective.

I love this brand because I have been following it since it’s launch in 2016 by Fisayo Longe, a British-Nigerian who studies Anthropology at UCL along side running Kai. I love what the brand stands for, their purpose for creating as well as the uniqueness of their designs. Fisayo has stated on many ocassions that she wants women to feel confident in Kai. The brand, amongst several things, cares about our planet and, knowing what i know about them, makes me feel on top of the world when I am in any Kai piece.


This year, amidst the global pandemic, I witnessed the immense growth of Kai with their back to back releases and especially when Gaia was released. We saw the likes of Adwoa Aboah and Saweetie in it and it graced the cover and pages of several magazines. Beyoncé also recommended Kai as a black owned business to be supported on her website.

Kai is quality and affordable and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this brand.

There is news that a winter collection is underway. I would love to own the entire collection and especially the newly released Naomi. For now, here’s a feast for your eyes and shop at

Love always, and I hope you are looking forward to Christmas!



Photographs by Makafui


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