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How to properly care for your candle by a Candle Expert

Psst! you’ve been burning your candle wrong this entire time!

Candles make for the perfect treat to self-indulge in its delicacies after a long day. But, in order for candles to treat you well, you must know how to properly take care of them.

Here are three ways that you can properly take care of your candles so that you can get the maximum performance and use from them.

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1. Trim Your Wick, Every Time

So, you just treated yourself to a new candle and it smells so deliciously good that you can’t wait to burn it? Mmmm, we know the feeling.

After you take a nice whiff of your new candle, the next thing you should do is trim the wick before you light it. This’ll ensure a proper flame (making it less of a hazard), less sooting (better for you and the environment), and more time for you to bask in its enjoyment, (improving the lifespan of the candle.)

All in all, trim your wick for a cleaner and hazard free burn, it’ll thank you for it.

2. Don’t Extinguish Too Soon

Did you know that there’s such a thing as extinguishing your candle too soon? Yup. It’s a thing.

If you hate those ugly and pesky sinkholes that your candle gets after burning, the secret is to let it burn just a little longer. Candle wax has a memory, and the way you begin to burn it, is the way it'll continue to burn during the lifespan of the candle.

When burning your candle, always allow it to burn for at least an hour or two before extinguishing, or up until the wax evenly reaches the full diameter of the jar to avoid sinkholes.

Once the candle is extinguished and the wax has solidified, you’ll have a smooth and even top — just how you like it!

3. Store them in a Cool Area

Okay, so you followed all the steps of how to properly burn your candle, and now you’re ready to tuck it away and save it for later? Here’s what you do: store it in a cool and dry area.

Candles should be stored in a cool area — away from sunlight — to prevent it from melting and the fragrance from evaporating.

If you prefer to keep your candles on a coffee table or visible for aesthetic purposes, we encourage you to keep them covered with a lid. This’ll prevent foreign objects from falling into the candle, and it’ll hold all of the fragrance inside of the jar. So, the next time you burn it will feel (and smell) like the first.

To conclude, take care of your candles so that they continue to take care of you.


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