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Building Brands and Empowering Creatives: Meet Shirley of Dorsainvil Creative and Haitians Who Blog

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Adaaba is also where women share their stories, aiming to empower and inspire other women. We strive to represent the diverse facets of womanhood, encouraging each other to dream big and supporting one another to achieve our goals. Our space highlights women who challenge the status quo and embrace their authentic selves, through a feature we call APOGEE. Today, we are thrilled to introduce Shirley Dor, a woman who embodies our values and is making waves in her industry.

Black women with ginger hair
Photo by @Ru3photography

She is a digital marketing and social media strategist with Dorsainvil Creative, a boutique agency propelling the digital footprint of brands, wellness professionals, and creatives. She initially began doing this part time while doubling down as a social media influencer, creating authentic user generated content for brands because of her undying love for content creation.

When she’s not doing that, she is hyping up Haitian Creatives at Haitians Who Blog, a platform that provides career resources to help freelancers propel their creative careers.

If you didn’t pick it up yet, Shirley is the proud founder of both Dorsainvil Creative and Haitians Who Blog.

What Shirley loves the most about what she currently does is the autonomy she has in making the best decisions that support her goals and needs as an individual as well as the financial freedom it provides.

woman with wine glass in front of lake house

A fun day in the life of Shirley includes a self-care pocket where she is having the best relaxing day, immediately followed by watching her favorite shows.

Talking about challenges; transitioning from a part-time entrepreneur to full-time was a challenging transition for Shirley, “but I just did it”- she says.

“I knew it was time to move from part-time entrepreneur to full-time because I believed in my mission and my work. No one else can make that move, so I had to do it.”

Her advice to women who want to make their dream a career or reality?

Find help and resources. In every community, resources are available to make lives easier, despite the belief that we have to do it alone. By partnering with others, you can make your journey easier.

To engage with Shirley in real time, follow her on instagram @shirleydor_

To learn more about Dorsanvil Creative, visit and for Haitians Who Blog for a community amplifying the voices of Haitian creatives, visit

Don't forget to leave a message in the comments to keep Shirley encouraged.


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