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From Fear to Freedom: The Journey of a Creative Director in Starting a Boutique Events Decor Company

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Adaaba is also where women share their stories, aiming to empower and inspire other women. We strive to represent the diverse facets of womanhood, encouraging each other to dream big and supporting one another to achieve our goals. Our space highlights women who challenge the status quo and embrace their authentic selves, through a feature we call APOGEE. Today, we are thrilled to introduce JUWON ANIEMENA, a woman who embodies our values and is making waves in her industry.

Juwon Aniemena is the Creative Director and the owner of Ariella Occasions, a boutique events decor company that specializes in trendy themed balloon designs.

Having designed 70+ events so far in her career, what she loves most about her craft is the freedom to be as creative as she can possibly be without any restrictions. She also loves that she gets to meet people from different walks of life. An important thing to note is that she didn't stumble into her current circumstance.

Business Development had always been the field she previously developed her career in but was always full of ideas and good with her hands however, the fear of starting something of her own kept her crippled.

The pandemic was a huge motivating factor to launching Ariella Occasions because she witnessed a lot of creatives break out and as a result, got the courage she needed to step out as a creator which she believes was perfect timing. Spring 2021, right in time for summer events as most people were so excited to celebrate after being home for over a year. This gave her the unique opportunity to receive many bookings during her first year in business, with the perfect chance to practice and get better with every job.

Her advice to women who want to make their unconventional dream a career reality:

“Not to sound cliché but DO IT! I always say, you can’t know the outcome of a plan until you actually experience it. It just could work, thrive, and grow exponentially. Stay consistent as well, that gives you the opportunity to be seen and patronized. I trained in balloon décor and was blessed enough to have a mentor friend. So please gain some formal training on what you’re interested in doing as a business, that investment will save you so much time and propel you to the next level. Yes! you’ll learn as you go but it’s always best to be equipped with the right information.

Build a community to support you in every facet of your business so that you’re guided along the way as well. Most importantly, put yourself in the position to teach others that come after you as well.

Finally, nobody has to believe in your dream but you! Don’t wait for anyone to validate your dreams, you’re enough to do that and once you start and are doing well, everyone will come on board. My goal is to leave a legacy for my daughter. It is so rewarding to see her witness me work diligently to grow my business. I pray she’s inspired enough to always seek after her financial independence when she grows older.

Juwon and her daughter, Ariella

Visit to learn more about Juwon's craft and hire her for your next event!

Connect with her on instagram at @Juwon_xo


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