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Safety tips you need while out

There are a few exciting things about summer like the longer days, warmer days, freedom with fashion, picnics, bbqs, parties and the fact that most people are generally in a better mood thanks to the beautiful sunshine. The fact, however still remains that staying safe while doing these never leaves our thoughts especially now that we are beginning to go out more.

A survey was conducted on instagram to find out what techniques some of you are using today. A further survey was conducted with the popular techniques suggested and the results stated below:

57% of participating individuals carried weapons such as pocket knives to feel safe, 14% used rape alarms, another 14% used pepper spray, 88% avoided the occasional invitation to another location on a night out and 100% of you relied on your instincts.

As much as safety is a popular topic of conversation, we may have forgotten some fundamentals. It goes without saying, that knowledge and preparation goes a long way especially when it comes to keeping ourselves safe.

Yes you guessed it, it is time for a refresher along with a list of recommended of apps worth downloading.

  1. First things first- Your phone must be fully charged before you leave home each time- We always take this for granted until we need it. Your phone should be fully charged because this is how you will call for help if your voice and self defense techniques fail you. It could most likely be the thing that saves you.

  2. Check for child lock & door handles before getting into cabs and taxis. Always make a note of the number plate of the taxis you ride, and cross check the name and the face of your driver against what is presented to you in the Uber, Lyft or Bolt app. Many women have lived to share their horrific experiences in these circumstances.

  3. Don't leave your drink/meal unattended- it pays to be mindful of who you accept drinks from as well.

  4. Wear reflective gear: This is for the evening runners and walkers. First of all, we would suggest that you choose to do this before dark, but we are also aware that this is not always possible or ideal for all of us, so wearing bright colors and reflective gear will increase your visibility from a distance.

  5. Take advantage of shadows and windows. Use these to check your surroundings. Stay alert at all times, you do not want to get caught off guard. If you ever feel unsafe, take every opportunity make sure nothing and no one is suspicious and that your surroundings are safe.

  6. Turn down the volume- Hearing what is going on around us is key to staying safe. If you absolutely have to, keep your volume low or at least opt for headphones that are not noise cancelling. It will also be good for you to take them out when isolated. Consider this.

  7. Run/Walk against traffic. This will allow you to see everything that is coming your way and allow on coming traffic to also notice you and anything happening with/to you.

  8. Spend minimal time staring at your phone while walking alone- this can be distracting and may also draw attention to yourself. It will make you an easy target because it is obvious you are not aware of your surroundings.

  9. Where possible, ask security to walk you to your car, or to a place where you feel safe.

  10. If you must, walk in well lit places and walk with purpose and confidence. Even if you do not know where you are going, call a friend, or pull up the map but remember to continue to pay attention to your surroundings. Do not stop to do this or look lost and confused. This is usually not the best time to accept a ride from a persistent stranger either.

  11. Discrete self-defense tools (pepper spray, spit, a kick in the nuts). You may have been taught these techniques at a younger age, perhaps at home or at school. They still work, don’t forget to use them.

  12. Use your voice- turn the discomfort on to the predator. Don’t be afraid to use your voice to alert other’s who may not be paying attention. Eg (why are you following me? Why are you walking so closely?) If you have to scream for help, scream help along with what is happening. Eg. Help, rape!, Help, robber! Etc

  13. Continue to trust your gut. If you don’t feel safe then you are probably right.


Your hands, mind and ears should be free so that you can defend yourself

These apps can help too

One Scream- This app works off natural responses in fear. Allow access to your location when you leave home and scream if you get into any danger. The app will notify people that you have programmed in advance within seconds.

Check it out on

Red Panic Button- This relies on GPS tracking and can be used discretely. Once you press the panic button, it sends a google maps link to you emergency contacts or tweet an emergency message.

Check it out on

Life 360- This app was created with families in mind. You are able to create a circle of friends and family. It creates and sends alerts when you arrive or leave destinations. There is a button for when you feel unsafe which sends a message to your circle within seconds after pressing it.

Check it out on

DISCLAIMER: Features published by Adaaba are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of your GP or another qualified healthcare provider for any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, exercise or other health-related programme.

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