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The African Print

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

It is the daring use of colour, deep hues and the richly detailed designs. I have always loved the African print fabric but did not wear it much in my teenage years because I was not exposed to the idea of making it into whatever I wanted, having grown up in England.

I was accustomed to seeing it in the typical “kabba and slit” style which was mostly worn to church and to traditional ocassions, i.e weddings, naming ceremonies etc.

Big shout out to my mother, she always pulled off some elegant pieces. Ones she would rock to Christmas parties, professional meetings, etc.

It came to me a little later when watching a Ghanaian TV series, Adam’s Apples.

What struck me was the beautiful and unique striking garments the cast would wear in every scene. I couldn’t believe the idea hadn’t come to me before.

From the use of lace and beads to add to the uniqueness of the garment to the couture and casual designs.

I have since seized the opportunity to make the most of every piece of fabric I have laid my hands on.


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