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Tie-Dye- A Fashion Trend this Summer

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Tie Dye is making it’s re-emergence in fashion this year.

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The last time I owned a clothing piece of the kind, I was barely 10 years old.

I have had the privilege while growing up in Ghana to learn how to do this in school and to watch professionals create the Tie-Dye patterns from scratch.

The process is very interesting to watch but was I really a fan of the product? Not until I found the Mohe set from Souk and Sepia

I absolutely love the mixture of rich colours and I particularly like the shoulder pads and the knotted bandaged skirt.

This is a co-ord set that will look good on anyone.

you should have at least one Tye-Dye piece in your closet.

if it’s too bright for you, see some alternatives below.

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