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A glimpse into the life of Cassie Butcher

In our fast-paced world, it's easy to overlook the importance of self-care. But not for Cassie Butcher, a passionate advocate for well-being and a Self-Care mentor, helping individuals weave self-care into their daily lives.

Lady with long hair sitting in a couch

What Cassie adores most about her current situation is that she's doing precisely what she loves. Her career has always been guided by her passions, and now, she's teaching people about the things that ignite her spirit. Cassie finds immense fulfillment in helping individuals grasp the essence of self-care and wellness and discovering what it truly means for them.

The Transition

Cassie's journey to becoming a Self-Care mentor was a natural transition from her background. She's always found herself mentoring those around her. When the opportunity arose to mentor on a topic she's deeply passionate about, it was a no-brainer. Alignment has been the cornerstone of her career decisions. Teaching college students about self-care paved the way for her to extend her expertise to help others understand the true essence of self-care.

A Day in Cassie's Blissful Life

For Cassie, a fun day involves taking a step back and giving herself the gift of relaxation. She relishes the freedom of choosing her daily pursuits. Cassie is continually researching innovative approaches to self-care, allowing her days to be incredibly diverse. One day, she might be brainstorming retreat ideas; the next, she's engaged in a mentorship call, and then she could find herself meticulously packing a self-care order from her website. Balancing her 9-5 job with her business work isn't always easy, but Cassie has mastered the art of harmonizing the two, ensuring they complement each other.

Cassie’s Words of Wisdom

Cassie's advice to aspiring women chasing their dreams is to understand the dream's true meaning and why they're so eager to pursue it. She also encourages them to view "no" as "not right now" or "not in this direction." For Cassie, a "no" has never been a roadblock; it's merely a detour on her path to achieving what she wants.

Join Cassie on her journey to wellness and self-care through her Instagram account, @cassiescure or visit to join her community. She's living proof that you can turn your dreams into reality by nurturing your passions and embracing the power of "not yet.”


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