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From Serial Dieter to Food Content Creator: Saba's Story

Are you someone who has struggled with weight loss and tried every fad diet out there? Meet Saba, a food content creator who was once a serial dieter, until she found a sustainable solution. In this interview, Saba shares her journey of transitioning from a low carb lifestyle to becoming a successful content creator. From taking risks and overcoming challenges to building a community and empowering others, Saba's story is one that will inspire and motivate you to pursue your dreams. Keep reading to learn more about Saba's tips for content creation and the importance of staying true to yourself.

Saba is a food content creator who shares her journey of transitioning to a keto/low-carb lifestyle through her YouTube channel, Savoring with Saba, and her social media accounts, SabaSavors on Instagram and Facebook.

She started her journey as a serial dieter, trying various fad diets without any success. In 2017, she tried the keto diet and learned to tweak her favorite non-keto/low-carb recipes and found substitutions for her favorite ingredients. Her sister encouraged her to share her journey and recipes on YouTube, and this led to the launch of her cooking channel on January 29, 2020.

Saba finds her current situation rewarding as she has been able to connect with people worldwide, learn from her community, and experience opportunities she never anticipated. Being able to share her story, encourage others, and build a tribe has been great for her. She admits that the content creator journey hasn't always been easy, and there was a learning curve she struggled to grasp at first. However, she believes that taking risks in life is essential as opportunities are presented when you take a leap of faith and do something out of your comfort zone.

When asked about her transition to becoming a food content creator, Saba said that she is not a chef, but a foodie who loves to cook, share recipes, and connect with others. She took a chance and purchased recording equipment, built a website, and started her YouTube channel. She had no idea what she was doing or what to expect, but she recorded videos and shared content. The past two years have been amazing, but have come with challenges, including creator burnout, which is a real thing.

Being overwhelmed, especially when you don't have a team, has sometimes derailed her from progressing. However, she finds the courage and strength to press on and continue because she knows her community is counting on her.

Saba advises women who want to make their dream a career or reality to do their research, identify their niche, and see how to effectively communicate with that type of audience. She emphasizes that content creation is a full-time job, and learning technical skills such as video editing is essential. She admits that she had no video editing experience prior to starting her channel, and she watched numerous YouTube videos on Premier Pro. Learning how to edit not only helped her tell her story but also helped her identify how to be a better communicator and format her videos.

She wants her brand to empower others to try something new and expand their skills, and to always be true to themselves because they know when they're being inauthentic. She advises that one should never be afraid to walk away from something that doesn't feel right or doesn't feel like them.

A fun day in Saba's life includes good food! She loves trying new restaurants and bars with friends, which usually ends in lots of laughs and margaritas!

Connect with Saba on Instagram and Youtube or visit


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