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How Freditta Apeagyei, Founder Of Nguvu SheaCare and Nguvu Man is Empowering Communities Through Skincare and Philanthropy

It’s not a stretch to say that Freditta Apeagyei has become a transformative force in the world of natural skincare and community empowerment. As the founder of Nguvu SheaCare and Nguvu Man, she has redefined the beauty industry in Ghana with her dedication to providing high-quality, natural products for both men and women. These brands have been recognised by British Vogue and British GQ however, Freditta's influence extends far beyond skincare. With her deep commitment to philanthropy through the Nguvu Foundation, she has become a beacon of hope for women in rural areas, empowering them to improve their standard of living.

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“I'm the founder of Nguvu SheaCare and Nguvu Man, providing natural skincare products made in Ghana for both men and women,” Freditta begins. “In addition to running these businesses, I'm also a philanthropist through the Nguvu Foundation, a charity set up to support and empower women, particularly in rural areas, to help raise their standard of living.”

Freditta's professional journey also includes significant work in campaign management for local and international NGOs based in the UK. “This work allows me to contribute to causes I'm passionate about, amplifying their reach and impact,” she explains. Balancing her career, businesses, and charity work keeps her on her toes, but with a strong team supporting her, Freditta excels in managing her time and priorities effectively. She finds it incredibly rewarding how all her endeavors tie together, whether she's developing marketing plans for NGOs or creating new skincare products. “It's all about making a real difference and brightening people's lives,” she adds.

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One of the most fulfilling projects Freditta is involved in is the creation of Bright Future Academy, a school designed specifically for the children of her company’s factory workers. “These families face barriers to accessing preschool education due to financial constraints, and it's deeply rewarding to provide them with a solution,” she shares. The community surrounding her factory also lacks access to clean water, so by addressing these critical needs simultaneously, Freditta is not just building a school; she's transforming an entire community. “Being able to witness the impact of our efforts firsthand, from laying the foundation to seeing children enter the doors of the school for the first time, is both incredibly gratifying and humbling,”.

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The Transition

Freditta's transition from her previous jobs to her current rewarding career was driven by a deep sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo. “I reached a point where the mundane routine offered zero fulfillment, and I knew I needed a change,” she recalls. For years, she had a burning desire to start her own business and charity initiatives. Despite the risks involved, Freditta made the intentional decision to pursue her dreams, even if it meant sacrificing certain comforts and stability along the way. “Launching my business and charity was not just about making a profit or gaining recognition; it was about answering a call that had been placed in my heart for years,” she says. Today, she wakes up excited to work on projects that align with her values and passions, knowing that she's making a significant difference in the lives of others.

A day in the life

A typical day for Freditta starts bright and early with her pup, Kiki. “First things first, we go outdoors for some potty training and a few tricks. It's such a joy watching her learn and grow,” she says with a smile. After her morning routine of showering and quiet time, which includes reading her Bible and praying, she dives into her entrepreneurial tasks. From managing the Nguvu brand to overseeing the nursery school project, her days are busy but fulfilling. “In between work, I make sure to squeeze in plenty of fun breaks. Whether it’s playing fetch with Kiki or taking leisurely strolls along the river where I live, I always make time for a bit of relaxation and enjoyment,”. In the evenings, she unwinds with a good Netflix binge, enjoying shows like Love is Blind, The Office, and Young Sheldon. Occasionally, she goes to the gym for a workout or swim, and she always makes time to chat with her girlfriends.

Her advice...

Freditta’s advice to women aspiring to turn their dreams into reality is simple yet powerful: stay fiercely dedicated to your vision. “Obsess over it, nurture it, and let it fuel your actions every step of the way,” she urges. “Consistency is key, regardless of whether things are going smoothly or hitting rough patches.” When faced with challenges or setbacks, Freditta advises not to lose sight of the dream. “Stay resilient, adapt where necessary, but never give up. Remember, success isn't just about how well things are going; it's also about how you respond when things aren't going according to plan,” she emphasizes. Embrace the journey, learn from failures, and let them propel you forward rather than hold you back. “Above all, believe in yourself and your dream. Trust your instincts, surround yourself with supportive people, and keep pushing forward, even when the road ahead seems daunting,”. With perseverance and unwavering determination, she believes that anyone can turn their dream into a thriving career or reality.

In summary, Freditta Apeagyei is a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist who has successfully combined her passion for natural skincare, community empowerment, and campaign management into a rewarding career. She has built a life that aligns with her values and passions, making a significant impact on the lives of others. Her advice to women is to stay dedicated to their vision, remain resilient, and believe in their ability to achieve their dreams.


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