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Stepping into Confidence: "No choice is made by not choosing" (Mpaa, 1987).

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Confidence is a word that has recently challenged me, and I work on it daily. It's a belief in someone or something, and an assuring feeling that comes from recognizing your abilities and qualities. As a woman of faith, I have confidence in God and the people I cherish. However, I focus on improving my self-confidence every day.

Having confidence in my decisions has always been a challenge for me, especially with significant choices. I tend to spend a lot of time analyzing whether it's the right decision or not and even second-guess myself.

Silly me, I know, right?

However, I realized that not making a choice is still a choice. So, I decided to be courageous and take action instead of playing it safe in my comfort zone. I understand that having confidence and courage together is necessary to make the kind of impact I dream of.

When I'm faced with the possibility that my decisions might not be well-received by important people in my life, my confidence can falter. However, I remind myself that my life has a unique purpose, and in order to fulfill that purpose, I can't be preoccupied with others' opinions. To determine if I'm confident in a decision, I take a moment to reflect on it without any external influence. If I feel completely at ease with the decision, then it's worth standing up for, even if it requires effort.

If you have a persistent thought or desire, it means that it is something you truly want. Lack of confidence may be the only thing preventing you from pursuing it, whether it's the courage to share it with others, take the first step, ask for help or advice, put yourself out there, or simply own that desire. However, it's important to remember that you have a purpose in life and if you have faith in it, you will be guided towards the right path.

When I have a persistent thought about growth in my life according to God's will, I am willing to take uncomfortable actions to fulfill my purpose. However, I will only do so after I have mustered the courage, which can sometimes take days. I have come to accept that this time is necessary for my growth, as it allows me to gain a deeper understanding of why I am making the choice. Remember that it's important to take your time and not rush into decisions. Let it sink in and remember why confidence and courage are crucial in that moment.

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Oh yes. Great points you outline clearly!

My struggle was mostly hormonal, and I'm gladly past those days.

Having the right people around is vital, to avoid unnecessary drama; and I believe that quietly meditating on Scriptures to overcome challenges is even more vital.


ko sam
ko sam
Nov 10, 2020

Love it!!

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