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The Beauty of Duku

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Duku or Dukuu, also known as a head scarf in English, is derived from Mfantse, a language spoken by the indigenes of the Central Region of Ghana.

A woman owns one for several reasons: as an accessory for handbags and as a handkerchief among others.

On the market, it’s not difficult to find. You can find it in your local high street shops or in luxury clothing stores too.

They come in different shapes, sizes, patterns, colours - down to the fabric.

As an African woman, I am a proud owner of several of these and I have a sweet selection that I use to keep my hair protected. They are either made of satin, silk, linen, cotton among others.

Every African woman should proudly own one otherwise, invest in one: it protects our curly hair.

Now, I’m no expert, but we all know that to retain length and moisture, we need to have it wrapped nicely every night before bed.

The Reason? If our pillow cases are made of course material, our hair is likely to rub against it causing hair dryness and eventually breakage.

I also use them as fashion accessories.

What I love most about wearing a Duku is that it allows me to appreciate the beauty and features of my face. Sometimes, I get lost in the many different looks I create with my hair and makeup. I love the reminder of how beautiful I still am without all the extras.

There is often controversy about African women in Duku.

My stance on this is simple. Get a nice lovely Duku you truly love, find out different lovely ways to tie it and for which occasion, and with that knowledge, rock your Duku with pride.

Taking the little time out to find out about this will improve your confidence when you rock your Duku: to a gathering, to the grocery store or to bed.

This is only an example of the outcome of you investing in yourself, and you know what I am about.

This time, I will be helping you out so check out 3 ways you can learn to tie your Duku for different occasions.

Check out the video below.

Storing your Duku

Now that you have invested in your Duku, you have to keep it well, this adds to the aesthetic of wearing it with pride. 

I have also suggested some ways of storing your Duku in the video.( skip to 6:01 to see this).

I hope after watching and reading this, you are filled with Pride and are Empowered to wear your Duku with confidence.

Share your thoughts below and also any recommendations on where to get good quality affordable Dukus. Stay Blessed


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