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You can steer your own ship

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Words by

Danielle Nickaf

How do you behave when you feel empowered? What does that version of yourself look like? Is she one of the many incredibly put together women in chic powerful outfits, taking international business trips and building amazing businesses, steering her career down the path of her choice? She’s not?

On her journey, is she honest with herself about her strengths and her weaknesses? Does she have a ‘board of directors’ who she can count on to steer her down the right path? Is she intentional about the fact that her life is her own, and does she carry that with pride? No?

Does she have no idea what it feels to be empowered?

Perhaps she needs to take smaller steps. She can start by accepting exactly who she is, stepping into confidence, while daring to dream of who she wants to be. She can learn to take things one step at a time. She can identify what she needs to do to get where she needs to be. She can be vulnerable enough to lean on the people she trusts about her challenges and her wins.

When she embraces this process, she can look at anything and anyone and believe that she is empowered.

Note from writer

Happy New Year Adaaba family. Thank you for your audience.

Salut ❤️

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