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Fall Looks To Recreate This Year

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

If you don’t already, you should aim to get a good wear out of your clothes before dumping them. So much goes into making one garment and this makes it important for us to be mindful, and to get a good use out of our clothes.

The weather is only going to get colder from here so don’t be afraid to get your fur coats and hats out. You are going to need them. Keeping the top part of your body warm, means you can opt for tights for a chic look.

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This look should be recreated because who doesn’t like a comfortable fit? A pair of wide leg trousers coupled with a sky blue coat to complement the autumn sun or brighten the cloudy days.

Pair it with your favourite strappy heels and a pop of colour. The awesome thing about this look is, you can choose any top to go with it.

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I am simply recreating this fit for the elegance, colour, style and warmth it provides.

The thigh high slit makes the dress so versatile. It can be worn for formal and casual ocassions.

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Next up is workwear/ formal wear. This is my choice to recreate because this looks demands respect when you walk into a room. It screams “I am ready to take on the day”. So yes, you should recreate it.

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Photographs by Makafui

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