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Just Keep Swimming

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Images by @shinta_brown

The verdict is in; the public says this January was NOT as long as we expected. While that’s good news for us (read our bank accounts), there’s something else lurking beneath the surface. Ending February, a quick glance around may reveal that the year has taken a dramatic shift from what we expected; as our gym shoes have begun to gather dust, and our planners, not quite as busy as we expected them to be or worse still, they are.

While a lot can be said of the nobility of thinking about resolutions and the pitfalls of ‘new year, new me’ thinking, what’s more inspiring is the concept of wanting a ‘better you’ in the first place.

Loving ourselves means taking a peek, little by little, at all of our layers, and challenging ourselves to try a little more.

The way I see it, if you can imagine it, you’re halfway there. Let what we have chosen as our resolutions be gentle nudges that we’re moving in the right direction, because as long as the desire remains, we’re halfway there.

In the meantime, just keep swimming.

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