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Woman, thou art loosed

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

You don’t remember how it started exactly, but one day you woke up and suddenly you weren’t the woman God created you to be.

There was an unraveling you never noticed because the world has a way of blinding you.

You don’t remember when you stopped praying

or when you became too tired on Sunday mornings

or when you stopped reading scripture.

You don’t remember exactly when but

one day you woke up and you just knew

God had left. And that day

you begged and begged Him to come back but you

forgot that:

The Holy Spirit desires a clean place to rest

but here you are,

hanging your guilt and shame all over the place like you don’t know any better.

Woman, first you were chained—

then you became vulnerable

then you made yourself small.

First, you worshiped God, then you

worshipped a man

then that man became your god

and then the slavery began—

the pleasure became a plague, a tumor,

a locust that ate away at your inheritance—

and you don’t remember what day it was but you

remember how cold it was outside when you walked back to your room, head down

because how could you possibly lift your head up to God after what you had just done?

Woman, first you were chained —

then you forgot how intentional God is,

then you forgot about Grace.

But you remember where you were laying when God came back

to give you your 100th chance.

You remember the time: 2 am.

Woman, first you were chained but

look at you now —

Shake your wrists,

Move your feet —

Look at you.

Lift up your head, Mary.

Sing to the Lord, Ruth.

Laugh at your victory, Sarah.

Woman, now you are loose.


Koromone Koroye

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